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Purchase Receipt

Purchase Receipt is an inventory transaction that records the receipt stock from a supplier after a purchase has been made.

Purchase Receipts record inward movement of stock.

Creating a Purchase Receipt

There are two ways to create a Purchase Receipt.

From a Purchase Invoice

Since a receipt of stock follows a purchase, you can create a Purchase Receipt after submitting a Purchase Invoice.

To do this select Purchase Receipt from under the Create menu button.

Create Purchase Receipt From a Purchase Invoice

Back Reference

This will create a Purchase Receipt with a reference to the Purchase Invoice and allows you to view all created Purchase Receipts from the Purchase Invoice.

From the List View

To do this first navigate to the Purchase Receipt page: Inventory > Purchase Receipt then click on the blue + button.

The creation method is shared with with other transactional entries, for more information check this link.

No Back Reference

This method doesn't create links to any Purchase Invoices and is an isolated entry.

Purchase Receipt Form

After selecting one of the above two methods of creating a Purchase Receipt, you will see the Purchase Receipt form.

Purchase Receipt Form

If you created the Purchase Receipt from a Purchase Invoice, all the rows will be filled out for you. Else you will have to enter the Purchase Receipt details.

Once the Purchase Receipt details have been entered, click on Save and then Submit to make the Purchase Receipt entry.

View Ledger Entries

After a Purchase Receipt is submitted, both Stock Ledger and General Ledger entries are created.

To view these you can click on the View button and select the one you would like to see.

View Ledger Entries