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Item is term used by Frappe Books for anything that is purchased or sold using a Sales or Purchase Invoice.

Types of Items

An Item is classified by what purpose it's used for.

1SalesSales ItemsSales InvoicesSales > Sales Items
2PurchasesPurchase ItemsPurchase InvoicesPurchases > Purchase Items
3BothCommon ItemsSales and Purchase InvoicesCommon > Common Items


Make sure that you create the Item under the correct Navigation as this cannot be changed after creation.

Item Fields

When creating a new Item the following fields are displayed:

  1. Item Image: an image to identify the Item by.
  2. Item Name: a name to identify the Item by, each Item should have a unique name.
  3. Rate: base cost of an Item, this can be changed in the invoice.
  4. Unit Type: base unit of the Item to which the rate is applied
  5. Type: indicates whether the Item is a Product or a Service.
  6. For: the purpose of the Item, whether it's for Sales, Purchases or Both.
  7. Tax: tax applied on the Item when making an invoice, this can be changed in the invoice.
  8. Description: textual description of what the Item is.
  9. Income: the income account, account that is credited when the Item is sold.
  10. Expense: the expense account, account that is debited when the Item is purchased.
  11. HSN/SAC: the HSN/SAC code that is used for classifying Items.