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Party is a term used in Frappe Books for any entity to whom a Sale or from whom a Purchase is made.

Types of Party

A Party is classified by their Role it's used for.

1CustomerCustomerSales InvoicesSales > Customers
2SupplierSupplierPurchase InvoicesPurchases > Suppliers
3BothPartySales and Purchase InvoicesCommon > Party


Make sure that you create the Party under the correct Navigation as this cannot be changed after creation.

Party Fields

  1. Party Image: an image to identify the Party by.
  2. Party Name: a name to identify the Party by, each Party should have a unique name.
  3. Email: the Party's email address that may be displayed when printing the invoice.
  4. Phone: the Party's phone number that may be displayed when printing the invoice.
  5. Address: the Party's address that may be displayed when printing the invoice.
  6. Default Account: default account that may be credited or debited when a transaction involving the part is made.
  7. Currency: the currency in which to create the invoice for the Party.
  8. Role: the role of the Party, whether they are a Customer, Supplier or Both.

Recent Invoices

The Party Quick Edit Form has a Recent Invoices widget. This shows the last three invoices made for a Party.

Recent Invoices Widget

Each row shows the following information

  • Invoice Name
  • Invoice Status
  • Date
  • Paid Amount
  • Outstanding Amount

Clicking on a row will take you to the Invoice from where Payments can be made.